This is an unique, multi purpose Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicinal herbal hair Oil with multiple benefits for hair care.  UNISEX. Starts…working in 15 days

This Herbal hair care Oil contains Kalonji (Nigella sativa ), Methi (Trigonella foenumgraecum), Kadi patta ( Murraya koenigii ), Onion Oil ( Allium cepa)  Erand oil (Ricinus, Communis), blended with Narikela thailam (Cocos nusifera).

Kalonji (Black seed oil) oil is most commonly used in beauty and hair care remedies.  This oil has anti oxidant properties that help relieve inflammation on the skin.  Thymoquinone an anti oxidant and anti inflammatory compound in this oil fights skin diseases caused by bacteria and fungus. Thymoquinone contains proteins, alkaloids and saponins that boost hair growth and slow down the aging process of cells, thus preventing hair thinning.  It reduces hair fall caused due to inflammation of hair follicles. Black seed oil regulates imbalanced hair growth cycle and activates the hair follicles. It nourishes the hair, increases its shine and eliminates scalp dryness.  This oil improves volume and texture of hair and stops hair loss with continued use.  It maintains scalp health as it has properties of anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti viral and analgesic.   It deals with issues like dandruff and soothes skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. It also helps keep the scalp moisturized and balances oil production. 

It stimulates hair re-growth as it contains nigellone and Thymoquinone both of which are powerful antihistamines. Antihistamines are commonly prescribed to patients with androgenic alopecia or alopecia areata.  Using black seed oil is a safe way to reap the benefits of antihistamines for hair re-growth without having to take any medication.  

Black seed oil curbs hair fall as it contains over 100 different nutrients that are rich sources of nourishment of  follicles and hair. The extra nourishment will nurse your follicles back to health, thus curbing hair loss. 

Black seed oil is also known for its effectiveness in preventing and reversing graying. It contains linoleic acid that prevents the depletion of the pigment cells in your follicles. It is an effective treatment for people who have vitiligo, a skin condition where patches of skin lose their pigment over time. 


This is a product of John and Frankie Pharma Pvt.Ltd., Eluru, Andhra Pradesh